What Do You Look For In An Insurance Agent at Lake of the Ozarks?

THE Best Insurance Company!

Hi Trish! Thanks so much for all of the help with the insurance renewals! You and Steve are THE best insurance company we have ever worked with! Thanks for always taking care of us and answering our questions!
-Tom & Lisa Morgan,
Tirebiter’s Peanut Pub

Absolute Best Staff at the Lake

I have been using the services of Steve Naught at Naught-Naught Insurance for years, for everything from auto and home insurance to my clinic insurance to product liability for my manufacturing company. He and his staff are the absolute best in the Lake area, and we would recommend them first for any insurance concerns!
-Dr. Gary Huddleston

Someone Who is There When You Need Them

When I have insurance questions pop up about my business it's always easy to get a hold of my friends at Naught-Naught Agency to get a quick answer and peace of mind.
- Austin Craddock
Bandana's Bar-B-Que

No Sales Pitch.  Just Answers to My Problems

I enjoy working with Steve and the people at Naught-Naught Insurance.  It's nice to have a local agent, someone who understands our area and specific needs.  They are also always trying to save me money while offering the best coverage available.
-Tiffany Hicks
Tupelo Honey's Bakery & Cafe

Competitive Pricing

Steve made the process of getting a quote for our needs easy and we ended up with a policy that increased our coverage and saved us over 25%  It's good to find a young man that has the old fashion values of taking care of our needs.  We can now tackle our other problems which won't be as easy.
-Daniel & Noelle
Der Essen Platz

Involved in the Community

Naught-Naught Agency is always very generous to Kids' Harbor.  We are thankful to work with such a wonderful company that assists us in our ability to serve children in need.
-Cara Gerdiman
Executive Director Kids' Harbor

Great Service

No one else can service my business like Naught-Naught can. They work hard to take care of me and my business.
-Bill Burrows
Lafata’s Deli & 4 Seasons Café


An Insurance Agent Easy To Work With

As a restaurant owner one of my most precious commodities is time.  Steve and the friendly staff at Naught-Naught make the process of insuring my business easy.
-Bill Borders
Li'l Rizzos Restaurants

Coverage Conscious

I know Steve is not always the lowest price, but he doesn't have to be.  When we first met, Steve quoted me a policy that was more expensive than his competitor.  After we evaluated the coverage on the quote together I realized Steve was quoting me the coverage I needed to protect my business, not just selling me a price.  Isn't that why you buy insurance?
-Troy Glynn
TNT Truck and Equipment


Steve and the people at Naught-Naught Agency are friendly and look out for us.  They save us money and help protect our business.
-Pamela Lanier
Ozark Bar-B-Que

Professionalism and "Can Do" Attitude

Thanks for your professionalism and “can do” attitude toward keeping my house insured after the company that took a couple of decades of premium, then dropped me in the clutch, refused to keep me insured.
-George Robertson

Saved Us Thousands of Dollars!

Over the last several years our organization had multiple insurance policies, all through different insurance companies, with agents that we never saw. After meeting with Steve Naught, we were able to combine our policies and consolidate our effective dates. In doing so, Naught-Naught Agency saved us several thousands of dollars in premium!
-Ed Thomas
Camden County Developmental Disability Resources

Face to Face Service

I do business with Naught-Naught Agency because my local agent, Steve Naught, meets with me throughout the year to sit down in person and review the changes in my business and offer the coverage to best protect our restaurant.
-Bill Ziegler
Bentley’s Restaurant

Excellent Results

I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my gratitude for your work in contesting our audit results. I received the information from the company yesterday detailing the correction, and it was quite significant. Thanks again for everything you do!
-Chad Painter
B&B Heating and Cooling

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